vWe are glad to welcome you at the website of the 13th Exhibition “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases – 2014”! It has been annually carried out since 2002 and is the unique international specialized exhibition dedicated to cryogenic technologies which visually demonstrates the achievements of the cryogenic branch of industry.

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On November, 11-14th in Moscow 20th Anniversary international industrial exhibition «Metal-Expo ’ 2014» (ВДНХ, pavilions 69,75) on which all variety of production black and nonferrous metallurgy, the modern equipment and technologies will be presented will take place. In an exhibition will take part over 750 companies from 35 countries of the world, and will visit over 30 000 consumers black and nonferrous metals from building industry, mechanical engineering, a fuel and energy complex, transport and logistical,  the companies.

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60th international specialised exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories of Mosshuz will pass from June, 17 till June, 20th, 2014 in the Expo Crocus, in pavilion №2, a hall 11.

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The international food exhibition WorldFood Moscow is a unique exhibition of foodstuff and drinks with developed reputation and traditions. Since 1992 exhibition WorldFood Moscow annually passes in Moscow in "Expocentre".

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The exhibition «the Building Technics and Technologies» is spent annually, since 2000. In this time action has had time to become the leader of branch and to get support state and the public organisations conducting profile mass-media, the Russian and foreign associations of manufacturers of building technics.

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The origin of the winery Zagarrón, Wines and Vineyards located in Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca), situated in the heart of La Mancha region, was the initiative of a group of wine-makers which decided to gather their efforts to elaborate wines. Since 1948, its facilities as well as its prestige have been gradually growing in order to become an internationally renowned winery.

Today, Zagarrón Wines and Vineyards represents 780 vine growers gathering more than 5.000 hectares of vineyards.

The main cultivated varieties of the white grapes are Airen, Macabeo, Verdejo or Sauvignon Blanc and on a smaller scale, Chardonnay and Moscatel. The red grape cultivated varieties are primarily Tempranillo, Garnacha, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon and on a smaller scale, Petit Verdot and Merlot. A range of wines made with organically grown grapes are also cultivated, using the Tempranillo and Airen variety.

All grape varieties are cultivated within the Denomination of Origin “La Mancha”.

Moreover, Zagarrón Wines and Vineyards is also committed to protecting the environment and acting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Its aim is to improve our surroundings by helping raise the social awareness of the staff, partners, and clients.

The winery’s prestige gradually growing throughout the years allowed to increase the sales quota of the bottled wine in Spain and to reaffirm its position in the international markets, where more than 85% of the production is being commercialized. The main partner countries are United States, Canada, China, Japan, and in Europe, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and Poland, among others.   


The strategic plan for investment and development implemented in 2005 converted the winery into one of the most modern and innovative wineries in its region.

The new facilities of 115.000 m2 recently inaugurated, combine traditional methods with highest levels of quality, innovation, and technology. 

Thus, the latest technology with the newest state-of-the-art production techniques enable to reach excellence of the wines each day, more and more appreciated by the national and international consumers that year after year carry on trusting in Zagarrón, Wines and Vineyards services.



The central computerized control of all the processes involved in wine-making are closely supervised by the technical team of the winery, that guarantee the highest quality wines following the newest trends in consumer demand.

Wine harvest takes place once the grapes have reached their optimum point of ripeness. Each variety is unloaded into the corresponding hopper where begins the process of crushing, destemming and sulfite treatment. Once these operations finished, the wine is pumped into stainless steel tanks intended for maceration.

Afterwards, the passage of the grapes through the pneumatic presses guarantees white and red musts of the finest quality. The white wine musts are left in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature before its fermentation; while the reds undergo the malolactic as well as the simultaneous alcoholic fermentation.

The wine is being stored in 103 stainless steel deposits, with capacity from 5.000 to 1.100.000 liters. Among the final processes are included the centrifugation, diatomeus filtration, tangential filtration, membrane filtration and centrifugal decanter of lees.

For the “Crianza” or aged wine, our facilities also comprise a perfectly adapted room for aging wines in American and French oak barrels. Also, the winery disposes of its own bottling hall permitting to bottle up to 1.500 bottles per hour with the classical cork or screw tops (“Stelvin closure”). Once the wine bottled, the wines are stored in our warehouse (of more than 1000m2) before being distributed. 

White Wine Fermentation

The musts, perfectly cleaned, are fermenting separately. Each variety abides a different protocol and the type of yeast, the fermentation temperature and different processing aids are adapted, in order to express its best varietal character.   

Red Wine Fermentation

The 70% of the red grapes is fermented and macerated via the new innovative method “Ganimede”, and the remaining part via the traditional process of “pumping over”.

The “Ganimede” method guarantees a soft extraction of the coloring matter achieving well-balanced and fruity wines.



During the last 60 years, the quality of the elaborated wines has been awarded and recognized in multiple occasions with most prestigious national and international awards. Thus far, Zagarrón, Wines and Vineyards have achieved more than 50 prestigious awards which represent the recognition of its excellence and the well done work of its professional team. Among the latest obtained awards, stand out: 

• Silver medal for the varietal quality D.O La Mancha: Zagarrón Moscatel 2011
• Silver medal for the varietal quality D.O La Mancha: Zagarrón Tempranillo 2011
• Silver medal in “Tempranillos al Mundo” competition: Zagarrón Roble 2008 - Tempranillo - Petit Verdot
• Silver medal in “Arribe Awards”: Zagarrón Rosé 2009
• Gold medal in “Mezquita-Córdoba Awards”: Zagarrón Roble 2008 - Tempranillo - Petit Verdot
• Gold medal for the Best Wine Packaging in Cuenca : Zagarrón Moscatel Presidencial 2009
• Gold medal in Fercam 2010 (Manzanares-Ciudad Real): Zagarrón Moscatel Presidencial 2009
• Gold medal for the Best White Wine in Cuenca : Zagarrón Sauvignon Blanc 2009
• Gold medal in “Arribe Awards”: Zagarrón Sauvignon Blanc 2009


• Several Gold and Silver Medals during the ‘Grand Selection of Castilla-La Mancha’.
• Several Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, as well as Diploma of Honour, during the competition of quality for the Denomination of Origin ‘La Mancha’.
• Gold and Silver awards in the Ljubljana Fair (Slovenia).
• Several Gold awards in the Milan International Wine Competition (Italy).
• Gold Medal from the Spanish Gastronomy Association.
• Several Gold prizes in the tasting event organized by the “Spanish Association of Wine-tasters” to celabrate its 100 years existence.
• Several Gold awards in the tasting event of Young Wines organized by the “Spanish Association of Wine-tasters” (‘Cata de Vinos Jovenes UEC’).
• Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes in the ‘Zarcillo’ competition organized by the regional government of Castille-Leon.
• Gold and Silver medals in the Manzanares regional fair (Ciudad Real, Spain).
• Silver and Bronze prizes in the ‘Intervin’ Food Fair.
• Gold prizes in the Cuenca Fair.
• Gold medal in the Denomination of Origin ‘La Mancha’ regulatory council tastings.
• Silver medal in the Bilbao ‘Euroalimentacion’ Food Fair (Bilbao, Spain).


Thanks to rich grounds of the area and the ideal climatic conditions, our vineyards, planted in traditional way, produce grapes of the finest quality. The vineyards are located 700 meters above sea level with low temperatures during winter and high temperatures during summer enjoying 3000 hours of sun per year. This is particularly the case, among others, of the Natural Park “Lagunas de Manjavacas” of touristic and naturalistic interest, where the organically grown grapes are cultivated. More than 40% are espalier and the remaining part goblet pruned according to the traditional methods. But an important quantity of vine is being reconverted to espalier in order to increase the mechanization level.

Between the cultivated grape varieties you will find not only the most traditional ones originated in the area, but also grapes coming from all over the world, thanks to its excellent adaptation to this ground.
• Airén
• Tempranillo
• Verdejo
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Syrah
• Garnacha
• Macabeo
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Merlot
• Airén Ecológico
• Tempranillo Ecológico
• Petit Verdot
• Chardonnay
• Moscatel